A love Letter to my wife


My dearest Jen,

Since the very first day my eyes met yours on that August summer day my muddled past seemed to just fade away. After 2 years of speaking via MySpace, I was finally able to put a face to that MySpace profile. I remember feeling so nervous, yet filled with such excitement. Looking at you I knew in my heart that you were the one and that I would never let that go.





 We started dating, a relationship filled with so much love and joy. I remember telling you, “If we could somehow package our love and sell it we would be set for the rest of our lives”, hence J’adore Love and the true passion it was created from.    

A year and a half later we decided to make our commitment and love for each other official. Though we had just begun J’adore Love and were down to our last penny we took what we had to purchase any affordable rings we could find because our love and promise to each other meant more to us then any piece of jewelry ever could.


In 2013 you made me a father. You brought our beautiful daughter Emma into this world, a gift that rocked my world and allowed me to see the fruit of our love blossom. Then in 2016, you made my world complete with the birth of our son Efrain.



There are no words to express the happiness you bring to my life. Everyday when I look at you and our beautiful family I am reminded how truly blessed I am to have you in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love is power and can honestly create anything as long as God is the center of it. I firmly believe this is why we live such a happy life and have had the ability to build our successful business together. We believe in each other and that my love is ALL YOU NEED. “No river will ever be too wide or deep for me to swim to you. Come whatever, I’ll be the shelter that won’t let the rain come through. Your love, is my truth and I will always love you.”

Things may not always be perfect they usually never are but as long as you are by my side through it all everything will be ok.

So will all that said I have a surprise for you!

Take a walk to Emma’s shoe drawer where you’ll find a special surprise waiting for you.

 To be continued…


(I know that you thought I hadn’t put much interest into the fact that the diamond from your engagement ring had fallen off and was lost BUT the truth is that I have been secretly plotting something special ever since that happened)




With all my love,



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