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All too often we allow memories from our life to live on a computer, stored away leaving us without the opportunity to appreciate and reminisce upon those memories.

My solution to this and #1 piece of advice to all of our clients is to have your images and lifetime memories crafted into a Jadore Love Wedding Album.

Finding an album company that would both last our clients a lifetime and that had a modern take on it was a true test for us. .  This was a decision we didn’t take lightly because we knew the importance and value of producing a product that would hold cherished memories for a lifetime. We felt FINAO truly embodied all the thing we were looking for in a Album vendor.

Each and every album is hand crafted to perfection ensuring that each album receives its own personal touch.

There are so many options to choose from.

  • Glass/Acrylic Covers
  • Cover Imprinting
  • Two-Tone Leathers
  • 64 Leathers
  • 44 Fabrics
  • 23 Faux Leathers – using vegan & PVC free materials 😉

With so many choices, each album can be designed to match your unique style.

Decisions, decisions! Yes I know, with so many design choices making final decisions on your album may get a bit challenging and I’m not going to lie, the next detail of choosing 50-60 images for your album may definitely make things even more challenging but have no fear we are always here to help.

You have two different options available to you when choosing photos for your album.

  • You can select images on your own and send them to us via Dropbox.


  • We at Jadore Love can select images for you that will best fit your albums design (like I said, we’re always here to help).

The design the process usually takes up to 4 weeks and each client receives 1 round of revisions to ensure that everything looks perfect! Once your album is approved, it’s ordered and delivered right to your door within 6 weeks.

How exciting is that?!

This is one area of the photography experience you shouldn’t go without so be sure to have your album designed to capture those memories for a lifetime!


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