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Experienced, proactive and focused are a few words to sum up J’adore Love’s cinema team. We have carefully chosen a handful of talented artists with the passion and drive to go above and beyond for our clients.

Depending on the size of the wedding, the cinema team consists of two to three shooters with very specific and important roles at your wedding. The team’s shooting approach uses multiple angles on all important moments. This allows us to to capture every little aspect and detail. We don’t miss a thing in the moment, so you can fully remember it forever. For example, during the ceremony one shooter will focus on the documenting the bride and the other will focus on the groom. Unlike single camera shooters, we can get intimate and personal details without sacrificing other ones.

This professional and detailed approach creates a very Hollywood-like feel for your wedding footage. We LITERALLY make you the star of your day. Our fundamental technical practice is to use long or zoom lenses on tripods and monopods to make sure we get stable gorgeous shots without interrupting the moment for your friends and family.

To complete this star-quality package, we dedicate ourselves to gathering clear audio. This means that all the major players like the groom, officiate and DJ’s sound board are all professionally mic’d up. We know that crisp, clear audio enhances the final product and really polishes things off. We even mic up those who are doing speeches and toasts, if possible.

Finally, team communication is THE key to our synergy. We use walkie talkies to seamlessly communicate from anywhere in the venue. We are a cohesive unit that is always ready to take action no matter what happens. The cinema team takes what they do incredibly seriously. Delivering your dream service is as important to us as having your dream day is to you.

The main thing that sets J’adore Love’s cinema work apart is our creative, emotional narrative edits. We capture the most important to most quiet moments of your day and edit them into the most exciting, emotive, and honest piece of cinema possible.

Depending on what you are looking for we provide the different cinema services:

  • Highlight Film: A 2 to 3 minute “trailer” for your wedding day.
  • Feature Film: A longer 10-15 minute edit consisting of the best of the best moments of your wedding.
  • Documentary edition: full wedding ceremony, all reception speeches, main dances and performances.
  • RAW files: all unedited footage shot at your event delivered to you on an external drive.

Speaking of edits, we know it is very tempting to want to use a hit song for your wedding film but, unfortunately, in most cases this isn’t legal. We must acquire a license to to use any song that will be shown publicly – even on social media. Don’t be sad though! Our editors have this under control and will suggest and select a licensed song that complement your edit.

The whole editing process can take six to eleven months depending on the cut that you are looking to get. So, please connect with the studio for the latest timelines.
We are also always willing to go above and beyond to capture a good love story, so if you are willing to share we are willing to connect it to your wedding video. We LOVE collaborating with excited and creative clients. If you have an amazing idea and we can facilitate it we are always excited to try something new.


Sam and Melissa’s Wedding Highlight:

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Annette and Mark’s Featured Film

Jennifer and Chris’s Highlight


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